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Audio Visual

Sound Systems

DPES offer high quality sound solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, leisure centers, large corporate facilities, sports arenas, theme parks and visitor centers.

We offer audio solutions that help create the perfect atmosphere within our client’s premises. Music is an important tool in the creation of customer satisfaction and is proven to aid the success of your business. Musical style as well as the quality of delivery create an atmosphere that enhances the customer experience, increasing time spent in-store and influencing consumer behavior.

We have valuable experience in the design, installation and management of audio solutions in commercial and retail spaces. Working in cooperation with architects, designers and end users all systems are designed to meet your requirements and every project is custom designed with the best available products within the client’s budget.

DPES are a Bose Pro Installer and have installed many Bose systems over the years for many client’s including

Urban Outfitters, Pizza Express, Jamies Italian, ASK, Milano, Tom’s Kitchen, to name a few

We can also offer alternative speakers systems using other quality brands including JBL, Martin Audio, QSC, Tannoy, Yamaha and Apart.

DPES will only use quality proven amplification so you will always have the peace of mind your equipment will be able to withstand the demands and if maintained will give you years of service. With such brand names such as Bose, Cloud, QSC, Lab Gruppen, Crown and Yamaha.

Music Suppliers

We can also offer streaming or a hard drive based systems which provides music for a wide range of applications including bars, hotels and luxury stores, high street retail and household name independents.

DPES can discuss your genre of music and playlist etc so your customers get to hear the right music for the application.

Audio Visual Systems

DPES also offer designs and installations of a variety of audio visual systems including Plasma, LCD, and LED TV screens, Projectors and Interactive Whiteboards and touchscreens.

Again the system will be designed using only the best products available within the client’s budget.